EP 112: Wakanda Forever

In this episode the guys welcome back Cousin Mike and start off paying tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman. From there the guys discuss a lot of DC stuff; the new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, Snyder cut of Justice League, Suicide Squad 2, Suicide Squad video game, Gotham Knights video game, and of course...The Batman trailer. Kevin will also give a small review of Bill and Ted 3.

All of this plus Nerd Grabs and a lot of bad puns. So grab a large stiff drink and come walk with us on our nerd journey. Please feel leave comments on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages!! We'd love to hear your thoughts, comments, or questions!!

~Nick, Robb, and Kevin~

PRODUCERS NOTE: There is some issues with the audio where instead of recording from our mics it recorded from the computer. Not really sure what happened there.



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Intro music: Strings and Blips by Adam Selzer, vocied over by Amanda Day

Exit music: Little Clubthing by Pure Black Stabbers, voiced over by Amanda Day

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