Welcome to Best Threesome Ever, probably not what you were expecting but it's just as fun. Best 3some Ever (B3E) is a Twin Cities (Minnesota) based, high energy, and fun podcast where Nick, Robb, and Kevin discuss all things revolving around nerdy pop-culture. They touch base on on all current hot topics including, but certainly not limited to, movies, Star Wars/Trek, DC/Marvel, along with many other realms of Sci-Fi/Fantasy, comics, video games, science, and other nerdy/geeky items of interest. Nick, Robb, and Kevin have been performing for the past eight years together at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, which leads to some great dynamics while recording Best 3some Ever. But rest assured, they are NOT playing any characters here...you're getting them in the full raw form. Well mostly raw, there has to be some editing. You can also check out other projects the guys are doing by visiting geekbynumbers.com


BUT WAIT!!!  Who the F' are we??  Well, meet your hosts:


NICK (Producer / Host)
From birth Nick has always been a nerd, having a long time love for sci-fi and fantasy. From the cartoons he watched growing up to being introduced to comics at an early age from his oldest brother Eddie and his Uncle Tony, who also introduced him to graphic novels. Nick is a huge Star Wars nerd and lover of zombie apocalypse survival, which Nick is currently writing a book on. Nick has also spent most of his life either on stage performing, singing, and/or dancing to all things dealing with the backstage and set/light/sound design. Since a long time ago ex-girlfriend said to Nick "you really have a face for radio," producing, and hosting, a podcast was a perfect fit. Lucky for the gang at B3E Nick owns his own production company, Kale Whinn Productions LLC.

ROBB (Host)
Robb has done many things over the years. He’s been an actor, comedian, salesman, waiter, student, teacher, lover, hater, joker, smoker, and, of course, a midnight toker. The first time he watched the shiny pate of Patrick Stewart’s head in Star Trek: TNG, he was hooked. After a rather embarrassing bout with athleticism in high school, Robb recovered and fell into the open arms of the geek community. Among other nerd related activities, Robb has been a member of The King’s Stocks troupe at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival since 2009, A board game collector since he was 10, and a rabid Minnesota Twins fan since birth. He’s only mostly proud of that last one.

KEVIN (Host)
Kevin has been a nerd as long as he can remember. Since his older brother bought him his first stack of fleer ultra xmen cards, to watching Star Trek TNG with his dad. The only thing he loves more than nerdy pop culture is the sound of his own voice. Combine that with a history of stage acting and a face for radio, a podcast was the natural step. Ladies.

PRODUCED and Copyrighted by: Kale Whinn Productions, LLC